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George Carlin's Last Interview

An incredible find, at a time where a lot of things are so unclear for me. These are inspiring words from a comedy and creative genius; ones that I know I won’t soon forget.  I feel this is the push I’ve desperately needed.

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To Those Looking for a Little Sanity

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are considered to some the “voice of the generation” (watch out, Kanye) and in some regards I feel that their messages are more meaningful than those of actual politicians. For “sane” news, Stewart is my man. For real news, I read the papers with a grain of salt. Perhaps the idea that everything in life can be turned into a joke is refreshing and reliable and that is why so many people flocked to support their favorite comedians, much more than their favorite conservative Glenn Beck. Who wants to pity their present situation and feel that there is no hope for this nation should we be under the leadership of a different thinker? Most of us would rather laugh, rather look at our nation’s many groups and joke about how they interact. It feels good, it feels sane, and when it comes to cracking a few jokes to distract our minds from the futility of it all, Stewart and Colbert are a collective Mr. Miyagi. 

Let’s laugh it up, America. Let’s continue what Jon started and take a moment to see the ridiculousness because the one thing that every group, race, demographic, and belief shares in this world is the ability to laugh.

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Boone’s Blues

If you don’t really know me on a personal level, you may not know I am a fanatic for jazz. Count Basie, Charlie Parker, Dave Brubeck, The Duke… I could spend an entire day listening to their sweet and raucous tunes. 

I recently bought a CD of the Count Basie Orchestra, like-titled, for one song in particular: Blues in Hoss’ Flat. But as I listened to the rest of the tracks I fell in love with the big band sound they’ve got. It brought back some good memories of playing in jazz bands, but there was one song I quickly grew to admire: Boone’s Blues.

In it you’ve got Richard B. Boone (not the cowboy actor Richard A. Boone) scatting to Count’s orchestra and it is just terrific. He’s got an amazing talent for hitting those notes just right. And in this version the tempo is really laid back, with that Basie-perfected drawl that seems to take a tempo all its own, and Richard sings a few lyrics of actual words then falls into some of the most amazing scat I’ve ever heard.

This song is my new mantra. I can tell you now that I will be listening to this song more and more as the world cools off and takes on that same slow-paced and lazy yet oh-so-cool qualities you can hear in this song. 

If ever you get the chance to listen to it, do it. Buy it on iTunes, even. It’s a great song; one I feel you could enjoy while smoking a cigar just outside a small town bookstore in the heart of winter’s freeze.

Get groovy.